Hallo ihr Lieben, ich bin Kristin, 28 Jahre jung und Mama einer wundervollen kle…

Hallo ihr Lieben, ich bin Kristin, 28 Jahre jung und Mama einer wundervollen kleinen Rüpel-Prinzessin. Sie ist auch der Grund, warum ich überhaupt angefangen habe zu nähen. Kleider von der Stange hat jeder, und so habe ich den Versuch gewagt und mich Anfang des Jahres mal an die Maschine gesetzt. Und was soll ich sagen,…

Are you as fond of hand-knitted blankets as we are? Even if you’re not, you can’t be disliked when you see these wonderful crocheted blankets. Each one is so delightful, so carefully knitted. In addition, the photographs were taken in very tasteful compositions, brightly lit. The owner of all this is our talented friend pink.cotton.sugar. What do you call the beauty of the top combination: a delightfully crocheted blanket of blue-pink-purple colors combined, tiny purple baby booties and one of the most stylish hot-water bag cases we’ve ever seen. Just below, he found a place in front of a tropical landscape painting, a crocheted knit blanket in vivid colors and his set of knit pillows. A little below we see the opening and once again we are amazed. There are crocheted blanket motifs, beautiful pieces waiting to be joined, which appear in very pleasant squares as they descend further down.

The warmth, the loveliness of crocheted blankets really doesn’t exist on any covers. There are hundreds of these beautiful blanket models where the click works wonders. You can look at the relevant category if you like: knit – crocheted blanket models. But we’d like to carry blanket samples here every once in a while, so you don’t miss it. Just looking at the colorful, motif-motif crocheted blankets opens us up. What is your status? For example, the top purple-magenta zigzag model is especially great for those who love these colors, isn’t it? What about the view at the bottom? Crocheted colorful blankets and a coffee treat. Beautiful.

The pastels on this blanket are great. Pale green and blue, again combined with a smoke-Yesil Gray and a wonderful tone appeared.

How did this colorful crocheted blanket model take the chair she was thrown on? It’s officially a precious piece of decoration.

The success of this crocheted blanket in combining shades of navy blue, blue, white and coffee is unquestionable. The result was great.

Don’t you love blankets made up of colorful crocheted squares? And this is a lovely, chirpy blanket model.

We think these little chubby ones look great in a white blanket. Instead of 1 filling 5 filling made by collecting all these artillery air added to the blanket.

White and magenta crocheted squares will come together and there will be a yummy mesh blanket, we can see.

A garden will emerge when the Yesil green crocheted squares in the Middle come together officially revealed. Crocheted blanket garden. Isn’t this great?

Do you like colors? Do vivid colors make you wiggle inside? Then what do you call this crunchy crocheted blanket?

Fuchsia, pink, beuaz, cream, what a match. Again, beautiful crocheted squares have come together stylishly, and a great blanket model has emerged.

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